Remembrance Of The Forgotten

the fluidity of bloom
the force of bloom

Climb A Tree

cross the lake
scale the mountain
touch the sky

She Persists

the celebratory nature
of the garden persists
despite winter’s imposed dormancy

Distant Snow

as our weather rises and shifts
winter still holds fast
to the horizon

Winter Light

illuminating absences
and the infinite detail
of what is left behind

With Childlike Wonder

the landscape expressed
the glittering shimmering
excitement of Christmas

Three Birch

like wise men
they stood vigil
over life’s miracle

Morning Light

the sun’s warming glow
breaks through darkness
and into the cold of woods

We Didn’t See Him But We Knew He Was Here

old man winter
passes through
leaving his frozen breath behind

The Work Of Faith

grain in the silo
barn full of hay
devotions made each day

Lighting The Way

winter raised
her red flamed torches
showing us the path

Holding Whatever Is Offered

the pasture
empty of cows
filling with snow

A Whitening

the landscape shifts
colors settle underground
now we reside in white’s variety


the leaves and the grasses
even the very air
dancing to winter’s tune

Hope’s Devotion

even as
winter’s darkness gathers
color and light persist

This Is How Winter Begins

a snowfall
so fine
to be almost invisible