The Wondrous Wind

leaves into light
before winter’s good night

Autumn’s Gloaming

a radiance of colors
as the season fades
to winter

If Summer Could Go On Forever

sunflowers would
shine their cheerful light
through winter’s dark night

Spot Of Green

the spice of ginger
sweet sight of snowdrops
a feast for winter weary eyes


nestled between
the snow and log
late fall’s remains


praise the amaryllis
injecting color
into winter

Cold Astronomy

grew on the window
a celestial body made known

Old Structures Reminisce

behind the arbor and gazebo
berries blush recalling
memories of summer kisses

Tall Tales Told

I stood with the trees
listening to them
share their stories

Directions Home

at the fence end
the birdhouse’s front yard
a round of iris pods

Covered Bridge

who will be
the first winter traveler
to cross the still running brook?

The Weight Of Lightness

a heavy snow
with the lightest of flakes
thus descends a shroud of cold

Letting The Light In

through vulnerabilities
we meet each other
and find ourselves

The Queen’s Scepter

is bestowed upon
all the glories and duties of snow

Time Tags Light

shadows chase
late afternoon
through the woods

Defying The Elements

sweet hydrangea
her summer bloom lingers
on a honeycomb of petals