Cyclone Of Color

the wind
picked up the sunset
and spun it into the sky

The Weight Of Lightness

a heavy snow
with the lightest of flakes
thus descends a shroud of cold

The Space That Snowflakes Make

in the falling silence
the space to release worries
and find peace

To Thrive In All Circumstance

weather the storm
and make it
a flower

Distant Snow

as our weather rises and shifts
winter still holds fast
to the horizon

At The Border

on the edge of the storm
we are not quite yet
consumed by the commotion

A Winter Radiance

here a rainbow rises
of colored branches
behold this halo of joy

Hearing The Unsaid

the silence
of cold and snow
told us what we needed to know

They Dwell Together

length of birch
layers of brick
swirling of snow


last night’s rain
returned us to November
and snow begins again

Breaking Out Of Darkness

a shaft of light settles
on the blue diamond delphinium
saved from the pounding rain