You Can (But You Can’t) Fence Me In

the dandelions corralled
but their wishes
cannot be contained


sunlight sparkles on water
snowflakes descend to greet it
all kinds and conditions of magic


blessings bestowed
in sunshine and snow
great gratitude for all that is given


taking in the scene
the season’s change
to brown from green

At Summer’s Edge

down by the river
the susans and goldenrod

Savor The Day

some summer fun
cooling off the hooves
while strolling the brook

Into The Deep

dive into
blue depths

Last One In

by Mom’s encouragement
first swim

Homeward Bound

water’s purpose
to be ever
rushing home

Reigning Beauty

this day
heaven sent
we are drenched
in peace and beauty

Everything At Once

each element
finds the perfect place
next to all the rest

In That Space

between the leaves
and their reflection
resides consciousness