Found And Found Again

November 7, 2019 § 10 Comments

the truth
of beauty
is always rearranging

Strength Required

October 5, 2018 § 1 Comment

stand squarely
in the center
of life


September 8, 2018 § 3 Comments

the true nature
of reality
each day an enlightenment

Afternoon Sun

December 28, 2017 § 4 Comments

in the brevity
of winter’s landscape
truth shines

You Again, Wise Friend

February 22, 2017 § 28 Comments

the look that speaks
an instruction
to be true

Every Opportunity

February 4, 2017 § 4 Comments

nature is unafraid
of complicated truths
embracing every opportunity of knowing

To Thine Own Self

December 21, 2016 § 8 Comments

each inclined
toward truth in self
such freedoms in the field

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