Savoring The Sunshine

summer has not yet
opened the gate
to fall

The Cup Runneth Over

a carpet of sunshine
beneath the azure sky

Now The Light Slants Towards September

shadows grow longer
the birdhouse stands empty
the quiet of fall approaches

Our Spot

I’ll meet you there
when the stars come out
and we’ll name them until dawn

Cyclone Of Color

the wind
picked up the sunset
and spun it into the sky

The Way

gentle path
through the flowering field
the road to happy destiny

By The River In July

thirsty fields
some much needed rain

Taking The Day

mother and child
side by side
into the morning mist

They Are Dancing

from the bench
we watch
firefly flowers


the sentry
guarding the feeder
as dawn wakes the day

She Is Known By A Thousand Names

the infinity
of green
endless variations

The Fields Green

spring takes hold
birch raise their chartreuse flag


in uncertainty
I can only steer
by faith

The Garden’s Shape Emerges

spring begins
with a kaleidoscope
of greens

Making Sense Of Things

as I approach
the mist recedes
slow introduction to clarity