Never Stopping

the sky
crosses the boundary
of forever

Side By Side

through the heart
of the valley
travels the river and train

Covered Bridge

who will be
the first winter traveler
to cross the still running brook?

When Wandering

from afar
a tiny star
can lead us home

Time Travel

there goes the wind
through the trees
carrying time

Destination Found

the forest’s
magic carpet
rooted to the ground

186,000 Miles Each Second

in every grey day
light is always at work
moving towards a breakthough

Letting Go

ascending the morning fog
flying with the birds

Under The Overpass

nature travels
humble hallowed byways
that always lead home

Rock of Ages

the ancient rock
with its sleepy eye
watches all of time
travel by

Willing To Be Lead

the road
leading into the wilderness
leads out as well


frozen pond
winter travels on
long shadows


When the right breeze blows
seeds will travel to their new homes.
A grand design determines time and place.


At the onset the way seems straight forward
but just out of sight are the dips, rises, swerves and curves
that transform a trip into a journey.