Morning Meadow

night is banished
now is
light’s time to play

Four Of The Eight Spots

the forest warden
orange epaulets

Last Year’s Leaves

while leaving
they reveal the beauty
of their complexities

They Dwell Together

length of birch
layers of brick
swirling of snow

Light In The Leaves

shining like gold
glowing like embers
light is life

Late Meadow

the season’s colors
settling down
to the ground into brown

When The Senses Become One

lamb’s ear
to light


hidden inside
tiny delicate flowers
can’t help but bloom

In Endless Variation And Subtlety

mighty granite
displays so many grays
in the shale of the palisades

Fleeting Forever

kindling beauty
the birch branch pile
nature’s ephemeral immortality

More Than She Seems

of fragility
begonia in the fall

Great Green Loom

the garden
weaves a tapestry
of leaf and bloom

Flowering Sundial

is measured
by the lily’s shadow