Chasing Blue Skies

up ahead
on the trail
our scouts

Still Green

in the morning sun
frost into dew

Like Lovers Parting

monarch and flower
kissed by the sun
one final embrace
before the journey’s begun

Savoring The Sunshine

summer has not yet
opened the gate
to fall

Circle Of Life

every ending
ushers in
the next beginning

The Cup Runneth Over

a carpet of sunshine
beneath the azure sky

The Poet Sunshine

the flowers’ shadows
write their own poem
on the book’s pages

Power Of Intention

with the help of the sun
I focus my attention
on leafing and blooming

A Place In The Sun

and surrounded
by a warm embrace

Vicarious Warmth

far off
in the distance
four fields bathe in the sun

Marsh Alighted

the reeds
burning through daylight

Goldenrod Gone By

in the cold
old blooms
imitate snow


blessings bestowed
in sunshine and snow
great gratitude for all that is given