Old Structures Reminisce

behind the arbor and gazebo
berries blush recalling
memories of summer kisses

Too Soon To Say Goodbye

like summer
we linger
by the fencepost

At Summer’s Edge

down by the river
the susans and goldenrod

Not Done Yet

sweet September
unwilling to let
summer’s party fade away

Watching The Clouds Parade

this rightful place
at river’s edge
near summer’s end

Meadow Surf

swells of color
summer’s current
these flowering wave sets

Summer’s Best Friend

take shelter
in the sweet shade
of the dear old tree

The Garden At Noon

from the shade
I take a long drink
of her colors

Celestial Pageantry

of clouds
celebrates summer

The Garden Bench

in morning shade
a summer day unfold


red, ripe, juicy
summer hauntings
of winter’s slow end

Taking Turns

summer lingers
in the field
autumn at the fencepost

Soft Saunter Of Colors

late summer
climbed the hill
making way for autumn

Ordinary Hero

summer stalwart
holding up the sky
fending off fall