Still Life

March 10, 2020 § 7 Comments

cold holds together
the elements
of March’s mosaic

Still Life’s Motion

January 3, 2020 § 7 Comments

what holds
the snowflake to the leaf
but hope and faithful buoyancy

Breaking Out Of Darkness

August 21, 2019 § 13 Comments

a shaft of light settles
on the blue diamond delphinium
saved from the pounding rain

Still Life

July 30, 2019 § 9 Comments

the river
pauses to admire
the bloom

Nature’s Love Affair

March 2, 2018 § 2 Comments

wildflowers arranged themselves
for the pleasure of
the mountain’s view

The Crabapples

October 2, 2017 § 15 Comments

by sunlight
on black velvet shadow

Rock Split Pine

July 6, 2017 § 2 Comments

rock moss
pine and shadow
agelessness exemplified

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