Shade Upon Shade Of Blue

with my eyes
I wade into the sky
to cleanse and refresh my spirit

Her Warm Yellow Glow

peek a boo
the morning moon

OH Tannenbaum

thirty years tall
you carry our Christmas wishes
all the way to the stars

Mere Seconds

be still
to discover how quickly
things change

Into The Blue

a sky so wide
if I lift my arms
will I be able to fly?

In These Times

delicate bloom
in a vast sky

Gathered and Dispersed

the congregation
of monarchs
billows away

The Cup Runneth Over

a carpet of sunshine
beneath the azure sky

Two Birds

the expanse of the sky
was unfathomable
so they flew together

Morning Glory

I fly in your sky
and swim in
your ocean of blue

The Awakening Day

gentle as
a mother’s kiss
the touch of dawn

Cyclone Of Color

the wind
picked up the sunset
and spun it into the sky