A Pink Orange Sigh

January 10, 2020 § 15 Comments

between night’s descent
and the sleeping earth
resides the colored breath of light

Into The Calm

February 13, 2019 § 7 Comments

slow deep breath
long light sigh
again then again


December 31, 2018 § 7 Comments

the landscape sighs
making space
for the new year

Sighs in the Hay

February 25, 2018 § 27 Comments

inside the barn
contentment rested
as it stormed outside


May 28, 2016 § 14 Comments

inspired by the field
hardwoods commence their leafing
as the landscape sighs in green


March 13, 2016 § 21 Comments

the day arrived
in wisps and sighs
the kiss of color as night goodbyes


July 13, 2015 § 19 Comments

sigh of contentment
pink blushed bloom
the center of this moment

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