Quickly The Mood Of Each Moment Shifts

light and shadow
chase each other
across the landscape

View Of The Gate That Does Not Open

look past and beyond
the overgrown and closed
and see all that is

Dogs In Conversation

That’s not six feet.
It feels like six feet.
Well it’s not. It’s three at most.

Watching Curves

the bridge
the rock wall
the landscape itself

Letting The Light In

through vulnerabilities
we meet each other
and find ourselves

They Stand In Solidarity

the tree trunk curtseys
to the power and durability
of rock and stone

The Old Dame’s Rock Wall

huddled together
against the cold
warm in company


lantern by
the flowering tree
beauty is the light

Tight Knit Community

all together
weathering the weather
shoulder to shoulder

The Winter Garden

cold nor dormancy
stills the enchantment

In The White Quietude

like fresh snow
tranquility settled
over everything

On The Terrace By The Connecticut

river rushes by
flowers take
their time


sit awhile
and listen to
the flowers conversation

Love Bite

in a violent affair
snakes mate


perfect beginnings
the early morning
with my sweethearts

Hours of the Flower

blood root’s dawn
answers to the sun’s call
blood root’s noon

Silent Assembly

mysteries gather
in the misty woods
awaiting sunlight’s unveiling