No One To Ask But The Fog And The Snow

November 22, 2019 § 5 Comments

will the curve
in the road
lead us back home?

Dandelion Road

May 28, 2019 § 8 Comments

not yet fully formed
our hopes and wishes
accompany us

The Disappearing Barn

June 21, 2018 § 9 Comments

pass through
memories remain

Beside The Dusty Road

June 11, 2018 § 3 Comments

a meeting place
for man and nature’s

The Great Now

May 26, 2018 § 16 Comments

was flowering

At the Top of the Rise

August 30, 2017 § 5 Comments

first bale
makes the road
for all others

Following Leads

February 15, 2016 § 15 Comments

through the reeds
a road emerged
that seemed to lead to spring

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