More Precious For The Wear

November 2, 2019 § 7 Comments

even as life
takes from us
our beauty remains

Wood Bone

June 28, 2017 § 9 Comments

sun bleached
tree’s remains
the landscape’s carcass

The Wind Winds Down

March 26, 2017 § 7 Comments

peeking out
the storm’s force and fury
remainsĀ in the tilted horizon


March 5, 2016 § 8 Comments

felled for the path
their stature remains
monument to growth and change

Structure of Spirit

January 8, 2016 § 34 Comments

with all of youth departed
the essence laid bare
great beauty remains

The Life of Healing

April 30, 2015 § 38 Comments

near the heart
remains evidence
of a dark jagged year
that had to be grown around


December 30, 2013 § 24 Comments

all that remains
is all that is needed

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