A Winter Radiance

December 21, 2019 § 8 Comments

here a rainbow rises
of colored branches
behold this halo of joy

Sunlight Ice

February 9, 2019 § 2 Comments

tiny tiny rainbows
none the less

Rainbow Ends

January 26, 2019 § Leave a comment

the far end
of the rainbow
colors in the day


May 6, 2018 § 15 Comments

the trees
astounding colors
escape into the sky

Where The Colors Lead

November 12, 2017 § 9 Comments

rainbow’s end
gold adorned
the leaves

Magic Rays

October 1, 2017 § 13 Comments

the sky’s
coloring the trees

Rain of Gold

January 20, 2016 § 25 Comments

thrown from a rainbow
the pot of gold
drenches the old oak tree

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