The Caress of Blossom

May 19, 2015 § 17 Comments

closed buds pucker
petals preparing for
their showering of kisses


April 6, 2015 § 13 Comments

mended fence
the paddock waits
for green grass and grazing

Silent Rehearsal

January 28, 2015 § 20 Comments

beneath the grey and stillness
within every twig and limb
all cells are harmonizing
readying for the symphony of spring


October 12, 2014 § 14 Comments

fall is for gathering
wood into stacks
and sheep into flocks


October 10, 2012 § 25 Comments

Winter can bring
whatever it must
the woodshed is full.

In the Valley

November 30, 2011 § Leave a comment

In the quiet of the valley
farms and forest prepare themselves
for the demands of winter.

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