The Petunia Looking Back

deep inside
a piercing
green eye

The Painted Fern

a perfection
of details and form
waiting to be discovered

Last Year’s Leaves

while leaving
they reveal the beauty
of their complexities

Oak And Heuchera Juxtaposed

rain revealed
a still purple leaf
preserved by cold

They Dwell Together

length of birch
layers of brick
swirling of snow

One of Many

the shadow reveals
another definition
of self


the aperture
through which
time and seasons pass

Zinnia Bud

your bloom
before the bloom
foretelling of design


hidden inside
tiny delicate flowers
can’t help but bloom

River Crossing

ripples reveal
the zig zag ways
of paddling paws

Winter’s Pattern

covered branches
the forest’s
cable knit sweater

Following Directions

houseplant’s leaf
color leading
to the great outdoors