Holding Whatever Is Offered

December 13, 2019 § 10 Comments

the pasture
empty of cows
filling with snow

The Haven Of Barns

November 20, 2019 § 8 Comments

come winter
they will encompass
my world

Beneath The Wise Gaze Of The Pines By The Barn

November 3, 2019 § 4 Comments

during shorter days
amidst longer shadows
we ready for winter

A Question Worth Asking

October 26, 2019 § 10 Comments

will they take our coats
and turn them into socks and sweaters
for themselves

Perfect Day

October 17, 2019 § 13 Comments

horses graze
as the landscape
kaleidoscopes color


March 3, 2019 § 4 Comments

the trees and snow
time hibernates

Devotion To Grey

February 24, 2019 § 5 Comments

late February days
when daytime
feels like twilight

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