Oak And Heuchera Juxtaposed

rain revealed
a still purple leaf
preserved by cold

This December’s Interval

rock, leaf, ice, snow
elements and artifacts

Lesson In A Leaf

life asks
that we give away
little parts of ourselves

Warm Memory To Store For Winter

a Saturday landscape
the playful breeze
and laughing leaves


what separates us
will shatter or melt
if we stay with love


in the oak leaf’s golden goblet
diamond dust and light
an offering to the gods of winter

Taciturn Sky

a rustle of leaves
the sleeting snow
single digits
dip below

Dance Again

early winter thaw
snow releasing its embrace
soon the freed the oak leaf
can dance with the wind
once again

Ordinary Splendor

In the heart of autumn
the mighty oak, humble and true,
presents the rich variety of shades of brown.