Mystery Of Snow

cloaked in cold
insulated by the thing
from the thing


enter the mystery
of today’s
exquisite unknown

Time Travel

there goes the wind
through the trees
carrying time

Magical Mysteriousness

pull the antler
door handle
to know
what resides within

Mysteries of the Color Wheel

sisters hold the secret
of simultaneously being
magenta and scarlet

The Change Space

Version 2
mysteries of the space
in between the thing
and how it is seen

Where Moments Meet

beside the birch
I watched the pond
illuminate the mysteries of time

Tropical Darling

how is it
you bloom in October
in zone 4b?


Promise of Promise

leaves still illuminated
by last summer’s light
promising of her return


the pinecone
elucidates the pine tree
on how things came to be

The Geography of Time

snow recedes
with the mysteriousness
of spring’s birth