A Whitening

December 9, 2019 § 13 Comments

the landscape shifts
colors settle underground
now we reside in white’s variety

The Farm

November 29, 2019 § 5 Comments

in the cradle
of the mountains
we grow

Meeting The Sweet By And By

November 21, 2019 § 7 Comments

a buoyancy of clouds
above the embers
of the day


November 12, 2019 § 15 Comments

cold breath
resting in the valleys

The Birch Glittering

October 18, 2019 § 11 Comments

like being lifted
into heaven
living in so much beauty

Perfect Day

October 17, 2019 § 13 Comments

horses graze
as the landscape
kaleidoscopes color

Autumn’s Calm

October 14, 2019 § 6 Comments

the landscape
by a gentle rain

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