Quickly The Mood Of Each Moment Shifts

light and shadow
chase each other
across the landscape

View Of The Gate That Does Not Open

look past and beyond
the overgrown and closed
and see all that is

Ricochet Of Loveliness

phlox white clouds
the sky echos
the garden’s bloom

Cows In The Pasture

however far away
place holders
for a summer’s day


in stone
and petaled forms
a nobility of beauty

She Is Known By A Thousand Names

the infinity
of green
endless variations

The Fields Green

spring takes hold
birch raise their chartreuse flag


in uncertainty
I can only steer
by faith

Power Of Intention

with the help of the sun
I focus my attention
on leafing and blooming

In Uncertainty

one kind of courage
consists of
quiet and stillness

Making Beds, Changing Sheets

white sheets of snow
pulled back
from the field beds

Morning Sun

light bright enough
to rouse
all sleeping seeds

Vicarious Warmth

far off
in the distance
four fields bathe in the sun

Candy Stripe Sky

the comfort and care of color
carries us through
the cold night