Morning’s Song

August 10, 2019 § 5 Comments

voices raised
in joyous praise
birds greet the day

When Wandering

December 24, 2018 § 3 Comments

from afar
a tiny star
can lead us home

Morning At The Marsh

July 13, 2018 § 14 Comments

golden light
the world pristine
a new beginning

The Cosmos of Poppies

June 15, 2018 § 7 Comments

our Mars
the garden bed

Columbine Consecration

June 25, 2017 § 6 Comments

garden prayers
in the morning light
a flowering devotion

Buried Bench

March 20, 2017 § 5 Comments

blue morning
snow up to the seat
spring stirs beneath

The Explorers

June 21, 2016 § 14 Comments

emerging from their rock wall den
into the bright morning light
and hunting lessons

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