our misty world was soft
and we were free

Taking The Day

mother and child
side by side
into the morning mist

As the Day Slowly Rises

beneath the surface
the clarity
of dreams persist

Making Sense Of Things

as I approach
the mist recedes
slow introduction to clarity

In Uncertainty

one kind of courage
consists of
quiet and stillness

Mountain Shore

waves of time
mountain backs rise
then disperse into mist

Serenity At The Oxbow

the river’s clarity
a love poem
to stillness

Tender Dawn

pink morning sky
the rising mist
beauty persists

Mystic Path

September morning
the green path
leads dreams into day

Marsh In Morning Light

all possibilities
at the water’s edge

Silent Assembly

mysteries gather
in the misty woods
awaiting sunlight’s unveiling

Field Rut

demanding attention
birch tree antlers
stand at the field