The Wondrous Wind

leaves into light
before winter’s good night

Just After The Sun Rose

a fairy
flew by
trailing magic

They Are Dancing

from the bench
we watch
firefly flowers

With Childlike Wonder

the landscape expressed
the glittering shimmering
excitement of Christmas


sunlight sparkles on water
snowflakes descend to greet it
all kinds and conditions of magic

The Dream After Waking

dawn reveals
the frosted woods
a lingering sugerplum dream

Little Orange Village

destination vacation

Apotropaic Magic

morning reveals
the old tree’s protection
of dreamcatchers

Magical Mysteriousness

pull the antler
door handle
to know
what resides within

Wonder of the Wallow

being one with
the great fertile earth
oh the magic of mud

At Beauty’s Behest

from the edge
of the pink woods
step into wonderland

The landscape Readies

orange leaf bunting
face making squash and gourds
magic and mischief afoot


curving petal
the flower’s wink
magic in everything

Destination Found

the forest’s
magic carpet
rooted to the ground

Bewitching Beebalm

sending out
a siren’s call
to hummingbirds and bees