A Pink Orange Sigh

January 10, 2020 § 9 Comments

between night’s descent
and the sleeping earth
resides the colored breath of light

Winter Light

December 30, 2019 § 20 Comments

illuminating absences
and the infinite detail
of what is left behind

Morning Light

December 23, 2019 § 9 Comments

the sun’s warming glow
breaks through darkness
and into the cold of woods

Lighting The Way

December 14, 2019 § 12 Comments

winter raised
her red flamed torches
showing us the path

Light In The Leaves

December 8, 2019 § 12 Comments

shining like gold
glowing like embers
light is life

Green Centurions

November 9, 2019 § 7 Comments

regiment of pines
establishing the frontline
in the waning autumn light

Halloween Bunting

October 30, 2019 § 12 Comments

banners ave
the hunting party gathers
to stalk their candy prey

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