Double Helix

January 12, 2020 § 11 Comments

there it was
the chain of life
in the curves of the leaf

Light In The Leaves

December 8, 2019 § 12 Comments

shining like gold
glowing like embers
light is life

More Precious For The Wear

November 2, 2019 § 7 Comments

even as life
takes from us
our beauty remains

Joy And Sorrow

August 22, 2019 § 15 Comments

the darkĀ and light
that passes through
our blue days

Cosmo Macro

July 31, 2019 § 11 Comments

at the center
of life and color


May 24, 2019 § 11 Comments

into the blue
the oh so blue sky
limitless universe unveiled

Bursting Forth

May 11, 2019 § 12 Comments

life force
an explosion
of joy

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