The Center Holds

shadows play
on the river of leaves
stillness inside movement

Abstract Of Rickrack

zig zagging leaves
upon themselves

Stained Glass Grass

cathedral windows
on the ground
nature is my church

One Way To Mark Your Place In Time

with one step
we are on the other side
and a new year begins

Walk With A Friend

to be thought of
by an animal
the best of communions


everything intensified
as edges and differences
make themselves known

The Wondrous Wind

leaves into light
before winter’s good night

Winter Outerwear

the forest
wears a brocade cape
of leaves and fruit and vines

Still Green

in the morning sun
frost into dew

Will You Find Your Way To Being A Butterfly

living inside
nourished with parsley
tended by humans

Primary, Secondary And Then

autumn brings
a tertiary rainbow
pink, yellow, orange

A Marriage Of Maple And Birch

and yet