I gave
my heart to nature
now I am never alone

Letting The Light In

through vulnerabilities
we meet each other
and find ourselves

Storm Window

mountains of snow
gather on each pane
showing us this storm’s terrain

Time Tags Light

shadows chase
late afternoon
through the woods

They Stand In Solidarity

the tree trunk curtseys
to the power and durability
of rock and stone

Keeping Company

the garden shed
and branch bench
share the wait for spring

Faint Light

the woods
hold onto night
and cast it into a dark day

Parallel Purposes

stretched across the landscape
train tracks and phone lines
corn rows and pasture fences

Mystery Of Snow

cloaked in cold
insulated by the thing
from the thing

Climb A Tree

cross the lake
scale the mountain
touch the sky

The River Free

the river desires movement
and uses all its wiles
to dodge stillness

Landscape Tapestry

time’s shuttle
branches, reeds, weeds

Flowers From My Beloved

the sky
into night

Distant Snow

as our weather rises and shifts
winter still holds fast
to the horizon