in stone
and petaled forms
a nobility of beauty

Taking The Day

mother and child
side by side
into the morning mist

Spring Morning In The Garden

a feast
of delicacies
for eyes and insects

As the Day Slowly Rises

beneath the surface
the clarity
of dreams persist

She Is Known By A Thousand Names

the infinity
of green
endless variations

You Can (But You Can’t) Fence Me In

the dandelions corralled
but their wishes
cannot be contained

The Fields Green

spring takes hold
birch raise their chartreuse flag


in uncertainty
I can only steer
by faith

Dogs In Conversation

That’s not six feet.
It feels like six feet.
Well it’s not. It’s three at most.

Dragonfly Wind Chime

the chime sings
the wind’s song
a mountain lullaby

The Garden’s Shape Emerges

spring begins
with a kaleidoscope
of greens

Making Sense Of Things

as I approach
the mist recedes
slow introduction to clarity