December 7, 2019 § 4 Comments

black tracks
cutting through the cold
heading home

No One To Ask But The Fog And The Snow

November 22, 2019 § 5 Comments

will the curve
in the road
lead us back home?


October 13, 2019 § 3 Comments

finally seen
the exit
from darkness

Alone With Everything

August 23, 2019 § 10 Comments

down the soft pine needle path
amidst the tall tall trees
the breeze accompanies me

Lantern In The Woods

August 7, 2019 § 2 Comments

a welcome
for wanderers
in the wild

Homeward Bound

June 15, 2019 § 12 Comments

water’sĀ purpose
to be ever
rushing home

When Paths Diverge

February 27, 2019 § 2 Comments

some times
the deepest connection
is made alone

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