House Wren On The Garden Rail

where to stay?
when all the world
is home

Totem Of The Downed Tree

whale eye
broken walrus tusk
house of spirits

At The Homestead

the farm stand
the house and the barn
a trinity of roofs

More Light Later But

winter still
is hunkered down
in the dooryard

Cheered On By The Evening Primrose

clematis arch
find’s its
angle of repose

Today In The Future’s House

weathering winter
barn and silo
house our future

House and Garden

in the meadow
between the two
room for all of life

Wagons Ho

we pioneer
the vegetable patch
homeyness of homesteading


In The Pause

winter’s blanket thrown off
everything simmers
not quite ready to rise


green shoulders
holding up the sky


the old barn
is history’s house
home of every season’s work