Halloween Bunting

banners wave
the hunting party gathers
to stalk their candy prey

Trick or Treat

Is my rugby costume enough?
Will they give bones?
Where are all the other dogs?


The landscape Readies

orange leaf bunting
face making squash and gourds
magic and mischief afoot

Pumpkin Patch

orange tide
awaits the moon
and frost to call it home

The Great Pumpkin

emanating the light of the moon
no need for a knife to free its face
its spirit rises from the shape

Pumpkin Patch

with your child heart
and you will hear the one
whispering your name

On the Stoop

black cat and pink pumpkin
wait for halloween’s
ringing of the doorbell

Great Pumpkin

will light the way
keeping dark spirits at bay

Witch’s Hat

Witches pick their hats from the ground
in preparation for their ride on branch and pine needle brooms
across the Halloween moon.