in uncertainty
I can only steer
by faith

Still Life’s Motion

what holds
the snowflake to the leaf
but hope and faithful buoyancy

There It Was

the infinitesimal star
perhaps I didn’t see
but surely I believed

The Work Of Faith

grain in the silo
barn full of hay
devotions made each day

Meeting The Sweet By And By

a buoyancy of clouds
above the embers
of the day

Every Bloom A Manifestation Of Faith And Hope

she came indoors
with her mission to carry us
through our long winter days

Seen From Above

heaven’s clouds recognize
the tiny speck
as the church’s steeple

So Often Forgotten

time carries
me through my
transgressions of faith

Cheered On

the faltering spirit
finds footing and support
in the solace of the garden

Buddha and the Dutchmen

community gathers
in the shadow
of faith


be still
in the darkness
for the light will find you

Field’s Erudition

solitary walk
a revelation of light
darkness cannot hold


leap of faith
the heron’s flight
all my dreams are carried

Water Temple

elements in worship
limbs raised in prayer
reflection of faith