On The Last Day Of The Year

December 31, 2019 § 20 Comments

looking into
the setting sun
farewell to the past

The Courage To Fly

March 26, 2019 § 4 Comments

to leap into the air
and trust the sky
will hold

Eagle Tuxedo

December 13, 2018 § 8 Comments

my cummerbund
is missing

Summit of the Small and Large

June 1, 2018 § 11 Comments

oriole and eagle
the meeting
of beauty and power

The Watch

March 18, 2018 § 8 Comments

above the nest
on watch for spring stirrings

Beneath the Eagle’s Wings

December 27, 2017 § 8 Comments

quiet spoke
look up, look up
and I was carried into flight


June 18, 2017 § 8 Comments

sacred sound
the cry of life
effort and sacrifice

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