Our Spot

I’ll meet you there
when the stars come out
and we’ll name them until dawn

The Awakening Day

gentle as
a mother’s kiss
the touch of dawn

Morning At The Farm

first light caresses
the corn, flowers and barn
blessings of the new day


the sentry
guarding the feeder
as dawn wakes the day

Midnight Snack

dawn light reveals
the wandering path
of a nocturnal browse


morning sun
through feathered cold
how night lingers on the window

First Light

as the garden bed sleeps
first light
blooms in the sky

Tender Dawn

pink morning sky
the rising mist
beauty persists

Hours of the Flower

blood root’s dawn
answers to the sun’s call
blood root’s noon

Beneath The Watchful Moon

cerulean sky
faint blush of clouds
May’s dawn

Aide Memoire

the tender dawn
reminding me
to go gently into the day