The butterfly, cow and flower
conferring beauty
on the day

Two Birds

the expanse of the sky
was unfathomable
so they flew together

One Among Many

each the same
all distinct
as with flowers people

Letting The Light In

through vulnerabilities
we meet each other
and find ourselves

In Community We Nestle Together

like kernels on the cob
our places distinguished
by proximity to each other

Evading The Predator

chipmunks sound
their one chirp warning
everyone down the hole to safety

The Same And Different

claiming self

Family Of Pines

distinct yet together
beside each other
through all

Tight Knit Community

all together
weathering the weather
shoulder to shoulder

When Paths Diverge

some times
the deepest connection
is made alone

Everything At Once

each element
finds the perfect place
next to all the rest

Bob-house Village

alone together
cold weather anglers
stationary sport


we gather
together in the warmth
of each other

Distant Company

just beyond
the line of pines
dear neighbors

Sacred Community

green mosaic
of pieces

Many in One

tiny buds
open into
the bloom of community