by winter’s demands
evergreens refuse to release color or needles
and stand in defiant contrast to the ever greying landscape.

Leaves Surrender

the first surrender is to color
the second is to be untethered by the wind
and the final surrender is to perish in form and replenish the earth

In A Certain Slant Of Light

Before the burst of color
fall appears in those moments just before twilight
and presents a world illuminated from within.


As you hover on the edge of Spring,
your youthful summer color is long departed
and in its stead stands the eloquence of aging with grace.

Yellow Tree

A tree of color shouts out into the bright blue night
calling to the night’s first, tiny star
friend, I’ve missed you.

Purple and Orange

Bold as a butterfly’s wing
foliage sears color into our memory
before the white blanket of winter descends.