Violet Green

Beloved houseguest African violet
provides a jolt of green
a harbinger of spring.

In The Hush


Quietly beauty cloaks the land
allowing the silence of the soul to speak.

Snow Cones

Golden leaves filled with sparkle
a winter delicacy of the woodland fairies.



In a topsy turvy world
roots masquerade as branches
and delight in out foxing foxes

Magic Carpet

There is still time.
Come sit on the soft lush green.
Let the world embrace you.
Each blade of grass grows just for you.


Geranium makes the garden’s coral
a blossom so shimmery, fresh and delicate
it might have come from the ocean floor.


A tiny bouquet of piercing red
surrounded by heart shaped leaves
offered to you by August.

Center of the Cosmos

All the mysteries of the universe
are contained
in a wild flower.

Garden Illuminata

leaves harmonize
with shadow and light
in the stillness resides everything