Mere Seconds

be still
to discover how quickly
things change

Autumn’s Gloaming

a radiance of colors
as the season fades
to winter

Thoughts Of Winter

at the edge of the woods
beneath the willow tree

The Maple

the season change
a deepening of golds to red

The Light, The Colors, The Change

all of autumn
in this leaf

Quickly The Mood Of Each Moment Shifts

light and shadow
chase each other
across the landscape

Rhythm Of The Seasons

a syncopation
of changing colors
fall’s visual music


Becoming One

the temperature rises
snow becomes fog
the universe dissolves into itself

Fall Approaches

as everything changes
keep flowering
as long as you can

In The Subtle Shift Of Light

the clouds, the leaves, the grasses
all ride
the wind of season’s change

Becoming One Another

the icing pond
receiving rain
so many ways to be


winter waited
at the edge
of the changing meadow

March Madness

when spring seems
inevitable and impossible
all at once

The Change Space

Version 2
mysteries of the space
in between the thing
and how it is seen