David Hockney’s Water

deep in the woods
in the small brook
his paint brush paints

Covered Bridge

who will be
the first winter traveler
to cross the still running brook?

Savor The Day

some summer fun
cooling off the hooves
while strolling the brook

Homeward Bound

water’s purpose
to be ever
rushing home


at the water’s edge
in a world of green
the sense of being seen


as ice gives its form to water
permission is granted to wander

Running Brook

still running
the brook flees
winter’s hold

Fog’s Clarity

the future disappeared
along with the horizon
leaving the delicate determination of now

The Migration of Melt

the brook breaks free
and runs for the river
longing to unite with the sea

Jacob’s Brook

water runs to the long river
singing the final refrains of its song
before it is silenced by winter

Water’s Way

Cold that is no longer snow
makes a mad dash down the brook
rushing towards spring, trying to catch summer.

Jacob’s Brook

Rushing ever onward
frigid but not freezing February waters
swirl around January ice.