All She Needs Is A Peter Pan Collar

dressed up
for spring in
soft fuzzy pearls

Defying The Elements

sweet hydrangea
her summer bloom lingers
on a honeycomb of petals

Landscape Tapestry

time’s shuttle
branches, reeds, weeds

A Winter Radiance

here a rainbow rises
of colored branches
behold this halo of joy

Lighting The Way

winter raised
her red flamed torches
showing us the path

Fallen Maple

we will remember
her sweetness
when she warms us
this winter

Each Leaf In Its Own Time

the landscape
with color

Steadfast In Tribulation

by the elements
leaves hold to branches

Darkness Softened

the black and white
of night snow
in moonlight

Winter’s Pattern

covered branches
the forest’s
cable knit sweater