Defying The Elements

February 11, 2020 § 2 Comments

sweet hydrangea
her summer bloom lingers
on a honeycomb of petals

Landscape Tapestry

January 23, 2020 § 5 Comments

time’s shuttle
branches, reeds, weeds

A Winter Radiance

December 21, 2019 § 8 Comments

here a rainbow rises
of colored branches
behold this halo of joy

Lighting The Way

December 14, 2019 § 13 Comments

winter raised
her red flamed torches
showing us the path

Fallen Maple

July 28, 2019 § 5 Comments

we will remember
her sweetness
when she warms us
this winter

Each Leaf In Its Own Time

May 21, 2019 § 11 Comments

the landscape
with color


May 9, 2019 § 6 Comments

for the gifts
of another day

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