In These Times

delicate bloom
in a vast sky

Contemplating Life

a good companion
is the flower
full of quiet and complexities

Feverfew By The Fence

the second bloom
an insurance
of immortality

Queen Anne and Goldenrod

the meadow
a fall display

Morning Glory

I fly in your sky
and swim in
your ocean of blue


being both
demure and extravagant
she beguiles


an explosion of orange
sending curves into curls
and polka dots popping

Pink Moon

made of cotton candy
glowing all the day
sweet bella luna

Between And Beside

amidst the prickly places
filaments of tenderness
keep calling for touch

Ricochet Of Loveliness

phlox white clouds
the sky echos
the garden’s bloom

Still Jumping

a merry band
of cheerfulness
still jumping mid-summer

Greeting Everything Where It Is

she opened
her beauty
in every direction

One Among Many

each the same
all distinct
as with flowers people

Blue Only At The Edges

of the blue diamond
a new perfection

Counterparts And Wings

on the thistle
the soft atop the bristle

Resplendent Abundance

delphinium crowns
the yarrow masses
flanked by seeding lily

The Frog Overseer

from his porch perch
summer’s bloom