November 28, 2019 § 10 Comments

blessings bestowed
in sunshine and snow
great gratitude for all that is given

Farmyard Blessings

November 17, 2019 § 3 Comments

the trough is full
and the pumpkin pile
is still high

The Birch Glittering

October 18, 2019 § 11 Comments

like being lifted
into heaven
living in so much beauty

Magic Rays

October 1, 2017 § 13 Comments

the sky’s
coloring the trees


December 25, 2016 § 15 Comments

new eyes saw
a giving world’s
abundance of blessings


November 28, 2014 § 22 Comments

so many blessings grace us
the wind, the seed
a place to be

Presents of Being Present

October 2, 2013 § 84 Comments

autumn’s air is crisp and chill
dalias on the windowsill

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