House Wren On The Garden Rail

where to stay?
when all the world
is home

The Thrum Of Thirst

sipping sweetness
from the false foxglove
mocktails in the afternoon


motionless he remained
his soul already
flown to heaven


Bluebird So Soft

bright eyed
in a blue sky
hope personified

Directions Home

at the fence end
the birdhouse’s front yard
a round of iris pods


I gave
my heart to nature
now I am never alone

On The Last Day Of The Year

looking into
the setting sun
farewell to the past


taking in the scene
the season’s change
to brown from green

How We Save Each Other

grace surrounded us
as hawk and humans surrendered fear
courage was found and help accepted

DETAILS: We managed to cut the barbed wire fence,
and softly secured the hawk who was picked up by the Fish and Game Warden
and taken to a bird rescue where he/she had surgery and will be rehabilitated

At The Edge

to the purple

In The Enormous Woods There Perches A Tiny Soul

feathered emerald
the size
of a birch leaf

Morning’s Song

voices raised
in joyous praise
birds greet the day