February Narcissus

winter gazed
upon her own reflection
in the river

One Way To Mark Your Place In Time

with one step
we are on the other side
and a new year begins

The Four Of Them

at the edge of the clearing
a family of birch

Apple Tree Offering

her limb
heavy with ripeness
presenting gifts

A Marriage Of Maple And Birch

and yet

Another Gift Freely Given

a generous benefactor
the forest’s shade
on a hot summer day

The Fields Green

spring takes hold
birch raise their chartreuse flag

Black Rock

big slice of
flourless chocolate cake
a forest sized serving

Another New Snow

the white on white
of birch in snow
a calming quietude

Birch Bark Mushroom

a transition of
sustenance to self

Tall Tales Told

I stood with the trees
listening to them
share their stories


I gave
my heart to nature
now I am never alone

Three Birch By The Barn Door

these friends
experience, strength and hope
my life’s companions

They Dwell Together

length of birch
layers of brick
swirling of snow