Contemplation And The Bench

August 15, 2019 § 9 Comments

the empty bench
holding space
for all of my thoughts

The Garden Bench

June 19, 2019 § 13 Comments

in morning shade
a summer day unfold

Awaiting Her Majesty

November 30, 2018 § 10 Comments

winter bejeweled bench
the snow queen’s
throne prepared

The Rest of Winter

March 9, 2018 § 8 Comments

our brief reprieve
winter waits in the wings

The Bench In Solitude

January 16, 2018 § 22 Comments

rests on the bench
waiting for direction

Where The Colors Lead

November 12, 2017 § 9 Comments

rainbow’s end
gold adorned
the leaves


October 15, 2017 § 7 Comments

head on
mother nature’s shoulder
respite from the world

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