The Farm

November 29, 2019 § 5 Comments

in the cradle
of the mountains
we grow

Beneath The Wise Gaze Of The Pines By The Barn

November 3, 2019 § 4 Comments

during shorter days
amidst longer shadows
we ready for winter

At The Homestead

April 6, 2019 § 2 Comments

the farm stand
the house and the barn
a trinity of roofs

Standing Seam

March 23, 2019 § 3 Comments

on the south side
winter zig zags
towards spring

As Earth Sleeps Beneath Her Blanket Of Snow

March 9, 2019 § 3 Comments

blue sky
issues an invitation
to awaken

We Don’t Let The Weather Slow Us Down

March 8, 2019 § 11 Comments

of tractor seats
adorn the family barn


October 29, 2018 § 6 Comments

a muzzle’s nuzzle
good wishes
for the day

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