Mourning Doves In The Afternoon

it’s much too soon
to start a nest dear
it always snows in April

Last Year’s Leaves

while leaving
they reveal the beauty
of their complexities

Power Of Intention

with the help of the sun
I focus my attention
on leafing and blooming

Totem Of The Downed Tree

whale eye
broken walrus tusk
house of spirits

In Uncertainty

one kind of courage
consists of
quiet and stillness

We Are Like

in a puddle
essentially, eventually one

Watching Curves

the bridge
the rock wall
the landscape itself

Crossing Boundaries

inspired by moss
a touch of green
kindles in last year’s grass

A Place In The Sun

and surrounded
by a warm embrace

Black Rock

big slice of
flourless chocolate cake
a forest sized serving

Another New Snow

the white on white
of birch in snow
a calming quietude